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CoinFlipOnline.com helps you to toss a coin and decide Yes or No, immediately. It's all free.

Just click on "Flip Coin " and it will simulate flipping a coin.In fact, it will even show images of metal coins to resemble actual life coin flip as real as possible. The winner is totally random and no one can pre-set it. Internally, it is based upon the RANDOM algorithm to ensure heads or tails outcome is 100% random.

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CoinFlipOnline.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc by flipping a coin.

FAQ / How?

On this page, you will be able to choose Metal coin images instead of colors for the coin Heads or tails.

Please note that the head and tails combination maybe not be exactly the same as real world because these images are from different sources and it is possible to customize any combination of heads and tails.

It simple.

Top bar --> Settings --> Heads Coin or Tails Coin. Select any one of the images you like.

Metal coin selection

You can change the background color and Flip Game name headings.

You can also reload the page from the settings section.

Background color and Game Name change

In the Top bar, there is a "FullScreen" option available. In FullScreen mode, generally, there won't be any ads.

Mostly, You can close the ads section by clicking on the "X" button also.

FullScreen option

Please note that it is not allowed to use these tools for gambling.