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•´¯`•» Dice Roller «•´¯`•

This is a virtual platform where you can exactly simulate the dice roll. It virtually shows a real-life dice roll. The outcome is purely random. 

You can enjoy the game with no worries,rest assured. No one and nothing can affect the outcome as it all depends on the Javascript code random algorithm internally to show the outcome.

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CoinFlipOnline.com dice roll is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc by flipping a coin.

FAQ, How to

In any dice game, you need to roll the dice. And that is what this tool does. It rolls the dice and shows you the random outcome. You can click on the dice or click on the button "Roll the Dice".

 It will roll from some time and show a random outcome, just like a real-life roller.

dice roller options

Yes. In fact, there are 3 types of color you can change.


Settings --> Various color Options are there.

i. Dice Color --> You can change the color of the face of the dice.

Background color settings

ii. Dice Background Color --> You can change the color of the small box which contains the dice.

Background color settings

iii. Page background Color --> You can change the color of the whole page.

Background color settings

Try the different colors. Hope you will enjoy the colors.

Few more customization are available apart from colors.  

Navigation: Settings at Top bar

i. You can change the name of the game you want to play. Simply enter the name in the box. Hit "Enter" or click outside the box.

ii. Reload/refresh page --> You want to get back to original settings or colors. Then clicking this button will erase everything and reload the page.

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