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Toss a coin to decide Yes or No, immediately. You can do it unlimited number of times..

Just click on "Flip Coin " or click on the coin itself and it will simulate flipping a coin. With the help of javascript RANDOM algoright, this site will show either "Yes" or "No" totally randomly. It also means it's all in your "luck" what you will get to see.

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CoinFlipOnline.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc by flipping a coin.

FAQ, How to

It's simple. Just click on the "Flip Coin" button. The coin will flip for some time and will stop at some random side.

Flip a coin Yes No options

You can change the color of the coin face in 10 different exciting color gradients. 


Settings --> Heads Color or Tails Color

Coin color settings

You can change background color of the page also simply by Navigating to  


Settings --> Background color.

Background color settings

If you want to give some name to the coin flipping, then you cna change it at  


Settings --> "Enter New Title for the Flip" field.

Name changes options

To change heads face name  


Settings --> "Enter New Name for Heads Face" Field.

To change heads face name  


Settings --> "Enter New Name for Tails Face" field.

Anywhere where involves 2 options, except gambling which involves for-profit monetary transactions or betting.

For example,

i. to decide whether to eat a burger or pizza. :)

ii. to decide whether to say Yes Or No.

iii. to divide and play teams in Group A and Group B.

iv. your own fantasy question.

Mostly, Yes.

You can go to Top bar --> Settings --> Full screen.In FullScreen mode, generally, there won't be any ads.

OR you can click on "X" to close the ads section.

Full Screen options