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     Coin Flip online (CoinFlipOnline.com) helps you to virtually toss heads or tails to decide on some tricky options you face in your day-to-day life. If you have 2 options and are not able to decide which one to go for, simply use this flip a coin tool. 

The chances of heads or tails are 50:50. Internally it uses a scientific RANDOM algorithm to ensure exact 50:50 chances of results.

Sometimes, few heads or tails may come consequently. That's ok as in a large number of tosses, the result count will be almost similar for both sides.

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CoinFlipOnline.com is a free site that helps you to decide on some tricky choices, play games, etc by flipping a coin.

FAQ, How to

It's simple. Just click on the "Flip Coin" button. The coin will flip for some time and will stop at some random side.

Flip a coin options

You can change the color of the coin face in 10 different exciting color gradients. 


Settings --> Heads Color or Tails Color

Coin color settings

You can change background color of the page also simply by Navigating to  


Settings --> Background color.

Background color settings

If you want to give some name to the coin flipping, then you cna change it at  


Settings --> "Enter New Title for the Flip" field.

Name changes options

To change heads face name  


Settings --> "Enter New Name for Heads Face" Field.

To change heads face name  


Settings --> "Enter New Name for Tails Face" field.

Anywhere where involves 2 options, except gambling which involves for-profit monetary transactions or betting.

For example,

i. to decide whether to eat a burger or pizza. :)

ii. to decide whether to say Yes Or No.

iii. to divide and play teams in Group A and Group B.

iv. your own fantasy question.

Mostly, Yes.

You can go to Top bar --> Settings --> Full screen.In FullScreen mode, generally, there won't be any ads.

OR you can click on "X" to close the ads section.

Full Screen options